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MegaChef Fajitas - The Complete Fajitas Feast

So Here's What To Do

To make the MegaChilli Con Carne

You can do this first and leave it to cook away whilst you prepare the chicken and it’s marinade

Heat the oil in a large heavy pan with a lid. Add the onion and soften for about 4 minutes. Then add the minced beef and brown nicely for another 4 minutes.

Now add the paprika, cumin, chilli powder, cinnamon, chillis, ginger, garlic, red pepper and stir for another 3 minutes or so.

Now throw in the tinned tomatoes and tomato puree, salt and pepper, brown sugar and the water. Give it a big stir and cover and simmer for at least 30 minutes. Keep having a look and if dries out too much, add a little more water but it should be fine.

Now add the kidney beans for another 30 minutes and stir occasionally.

To make the Texan Chicken

Put all of the marinade ingredients into a blender with 300ml of water. Put the chicken strips into a large flattish dish and pour the marinade over the top making sure that all of the chicken is covered. Leave this for about 30 minutes.

When the chicken is marinated, heat a tablespoon of oil in a decent frying pan and begin to sear the chicken strips, a few at a time for about 5 minutes each, turning occasionally. This process is a sizzling one and more oil maybe needed. A frying pan fat guard is by no means unwelcome. Leave to rest in a warm place.

In another pan, heat a tablespoon of sunflower oil and fry the garnish ingredients for about 5 minutes until softened.

To heat the Tortillas

Simply heat up a good solid pan, large enough to take a tortilla, no oil is required. When it’s mega hot, add each tortilla for just 3 seconds on each side and rest in a warm place.

To Serve

It’s best to each make your tortilla wraps at the table, both the chicken and chilli wraps are the same method. Lay a tortilla flat on your plate, spread some sour cream on the top 2/3rds of it. Then on the sour cream add a dollop of the garnish. Then on top of the garnish add each some chicken or chilli con carne. Sprinkle on a few bits of coriander. Wrap the bottom of the wrap over the contents slightly and fold in the wings over that. Pick it up and start to have food sex with a bit of salad on the side.